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Privacy Policy

March 2019


Websites work with computers known as servers.  A cookie is a small amount of data that a server temporarily transfers to your computer when you visit a web site, in this case  A cookie itself does not contain or collect information but helps web browsers remember where you have been.  These temporary cookies are the things that remember your choices. You need them activated to shop with websites.  Cookies are stored in the memory of your browser and each one usually contains the name of the server the cookie was sent from, the length the cookie will stay in your memory and a value (usually a randomly generated unique number).


You can alter the settings on your computer to disable these cookies, or only have them stored only with your consent.  Some browsers will let you block just third party cookies, this is a cookie placed on your browser by a third party, for example, an advertising network, or they can be set to block those cookies that do not meet your privacy preferences.  You can choose to disable all your cookies but this could really affect your web browsing experience if you use services that rely on cookies.


If you are visiting another site you may see an advert for recently viewed products or similar products from previous sites.  This has various names in the industry - Behavioural Targeting or Contextual Targeting are perhaps the most commonly known.  This information about how you shop is all taken from the cookies stored when you browse a site. Some browsers allow you to turn off these third party cookies.  You can adjust the level of privacy and which cookies are stored in the Internet Settings on your computer. You can usually allow, block or require a prompt message for such cookies.


We only store necessary information required to make a payment for a booking fee or settling a balance.  Your credit card information is NOT stored by us and is always processed across a secure server using WorldPay or PayPal.  WorldPay and PayPal are recognised as two of the most secure and reliable payment providers in the world.


We do not sell or lease any of your personal information.  Any information left with or Peter Sumner is entirely confidential.



All text and images on this website remain the copyright of Usage of any of this material is prohibited, unless authorised by the copyright holder.  


If you are unsure of anything stated in our privacy policy, or you have any questions, then you should contact us by email to or 'phone +44 (0) 77 34453445.


+44 (0) 77 3445 3445



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