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Being nervous about a key moment in life is only natural, it happens to all of us all of the time....first date, first driving test, first day at a new job and so on. And speeches are no different.


For the inexperienced, especially on important days like giving your daughter away, getting married or being Best Man, (especially being Best Man!), speeches can seem rather daunting.

But don't worry, I absolutely can guide you through the process, guide you to a perfect speech. I can provide one on one training and practice, a guaranteed way to bring out the best in you on the day.

I have lots of experience and tips to offer, as someone once said.......a good speech is like a lady's dress, long enough to cover the subject and short enough to maintain interest! 

To help get you started

Perfect Speech
Father of the Bride,
Bride, Groom, Best Man

Planning is

Everything! Don't get caught!

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