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Toastmaster worcestershire



"One thing I've learnt is that it's about attention to every detail, no matter how small, especially during

what I call the Discovery Phase, the process of truly understanding what the client wants for the day".


A professional Toastmaster will make such a positive difference to your enjoyment of your day.

P.S. I know there's lots of champagne in this picture! I'd been practising my sabrage technique!

Toastmaster asks questions
  • The initial discussion is very important for both of us. The more we discuss the options, the better. As a bride or bridegroom, or parents of either, if you are arranging a wedding day there will be many things that are to happen at certain times throughout the day that will need structure. If you are trying to meet your guests and keep one eye or ear on all those things happening, then you cannot relax and enjoy it as much as you should. Weddings are not cheap celebrations. Large sums are often spent on making the perfect day a reality, but aren’t you entitled to enjoy it too, especially as it is you that is spending the money?!


  What can I do to help  make this happen?

  • I shall work  closely with you, no detail is too small, to understand your thoughts thus far and your own plans

  • I shall advise on an initial / possible schedule of events

  • I shall advise on etiquette including format(s), speeches and toasts

  • I shall advise about special requirements, wheelchair access, guest book and the like

  • I shall advise re suppliers and what you'll need to think about (so nothing is missed)

  • As part of this process, I / we shall liaise with venue staff


It's also important that we get on, that we have confidence in each other. For many clients it is the biggest day of their lives. I shall be thrilled to play my part in delivering a successful day.

Toastmaster planning
  • At our initial meeting, I shall gather a detailed understanding of your schedule for the day, we'll go through plans in detail so we are both clear on who's doing what and when!

  • My primary role and most important contribution is to take your running order of the day and make it work, sometimes no matter what gets in the way!

  • I ensure that everybody is where they should be, when they should be. I ensure that all the guests are being looked after, including assisting hotel staff where necessary, and that everything is in place so that when it is needed there is no delay or ambiguity. 

  • I give all those who have a role to perform a helping hand and boost confidence as and if required.

  • I make all relevant announcements and keep things running to time.

  • Think of me as your eyes and ears, working in parallel with all the venue staff and your photographers and videographers, making sure that things happen to time and there are no surprises for anyone. No one likes surprises on formal occasions, I shall ensure that none occurs.

  • I am acutely aware of the trust that you place in me & commit to do everything in my power to make yours a memorable, trouble & stress free day.

Toastmaster and MC
  • On the day, I shall................

  • Dress formally, in traditional red coat

  • Be at the reception venue well before the arrival of the couple to liaise with the Banqueting Manager  to cover off any last minute items

  • Formally greet the newly married couple on their arrival and ensure that they are ready for the day ahead

  • Greet the members of the main wedding party to ensure the same

  • Check with all of the speakers that they are ready for their part in the day and help as appropriate, eg. assisting with corsages/buttonholes 

  • Liaise with, and co-ordinate the activities of, caterers, photographer, video operator, entertainers and DJ or band leader

  • Assist the photographer in gathering the required groups together, promptly & courteously 

  • Organise the receiving line and, where required, announce guests to be received 

  • Escort the Mother of the Bride to her seat and help direct guests as per the seating plan

  • Announce the entrance of the couple

  • Announce, or say, Grace and the Loyal Toast

  • Announce all speakers in the manner required by the couple

  • Announce the ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake, look after gifts & the guest book

  • Announce details of any breaks and the event's entertainment

  • Finally, I shall announce the return of the happy couple for the first dance!

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