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"Can’t the Father of the Bride or

Best Man do all these jobs?"

"Is it worth the expense?"

Well, consider the following for a moment.

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​Most agree, the Father of the Bride will have enough on his mind on the day; daughter, wife, family, ceremony, speech and a lot more. I once saw a grown man reduced to tears at the pride he had for his daughter, it really can be a very big challenge. And if things don't go to plan, is he really the best person to step in and solve a problem? The Best Man’s key duty is to take care of the groom on the day and lead the ushers, a big job in its own right. And all the time, his speech is humming away in the back of his mind! Of course, he can take on additional responsibilities but he cannot be in two places at once, say, at the venue inspection prior to the reception and at the church supporting the groom. The route of least risk is to engage a professional Toastmaster and put yourself in safe hands. Yes, it is an additional expense but a fraction of the total cost of a day which, for many involved, is one of the most important of their lives. 

Having someone standing in a red tailcoat, making announcements and organising affairs, may sound a bit stuffy or over the top. But think about it. If you use someone from the venue that you are also using for your reception, they will not necessarily stand out from your guests (not all of whom know each other) and they will also be concentrating on other things, like your reception. Similarly, if you use a friend they may not have the skills to work in tandem with your suppliers, they are unlikely to be insured and, anyway, wouldn't it be nice for them to enjoy the occasion too?


The professional Toastmaster is concentrating solely on you and your guests and the red coat gives everyone an easily identifiable person in authority with whom they are normally happy to respect and work with.  How often have you been to a wedding where you have stood around wondering what is happening or what you should be doing at a particular time? With a Toastmaster there is none of this uncertainty as everything that is relevant is communicated to those that need to know, when they need to know it, either in the wedding party or behind the scenes.


A professionally trained Toastmaster is well versed in etiquette, they may make suggestions concerning protocol but, if you want it done differently, they will adapt to make it work for you. Remember it is your day, you should be there to enjoy it with your guests and not have to worry about what is going on - or when protocol dictates that it should be going on!

For you, your wedding day will have been much in the planning but you don’t have one every day. A Toastmaster goes to many weddings and their experience will help guide you through the day and, in all of my wedding events, the planning itself. There is nothing better than to have someone tell you that something is about to happen, rather than you wonder whether or not it should be being done. It really is fabulous value, for a few hundred pounds a professional Toastmaster really can make the difference for you, your guests and your memories of the day.

Be sure to choose a Toastmaster who has membership of an association where there's an identifiable website. This helps ensure that the person you are thinking of has at least been trained to a high standard. Secondly, everyone’s personality is different and this person is going to run your day.  The Toastmaster you engage should be the type who remembers that it is your day, not theirs, so beware, the cheapest Toastmaster option may not always be the best idea. For the record, I am the type that you only see and hear from when you need to!

" I promise, a professional Toastmaster will make such a positive difference to your and your guests' enjoyment of your big day. "

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