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National Association of Toastmasters

UK, IoW, Guernsey, N.France
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National Association

of Toastmasters

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£10,000,000 PLI


A thoroughly professional Toastmaster service for all types of wedding,
social and business functions, available in the UK, Isle of Wight, Guernsey & throughout France. 
"It's all in the planning, from our first meeting to your first dance, I leave nothing to chance".




All types of weddings, Traditional, Civil, Same-Sex, Christian, Jewish, Asian, Hindu, Inter-faith.

Civic Receptions, Dinners, Corporate Events, Product Launches, Awards and

Charity Auctioneering.

Guidance and practice for the Father, Bridegroom and Best Man in writing and delivering the perfect speech.

I have many years of experience in a wide range of events; mostly weddings but including charity auctions, conferences and company presentations. The principle requirement is the overall co-ordination and steering of the event to the agreed timetable without large gaps or pauses. With often a touch of formality, this always involves a combination of tact and diplomacy in order to effectively direct large numbers of people.
For me, my best situation is where only a gentle, guiding hand is needed on the day, and that mostly happens when the occasion has been thoroughly planned and thought through - "it's all in the planning, no detail is too small".  And that best happens once I have a detailed & clear understanding of what you require for yourselves and your guests on the day.
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Peter Sumner . Professional Toastmaster . UK & Europe

Member of the National Association of Toastmasters - Member of the Confrérie Club


Different types of Weddings & Weddings in France
Regardless of culture, if you want to relax and enjoy your day, then the simple answer is – get a professional Toastmaster!

I am experienced in all of the main wedding formats but no matter what type you're having, engaging the services of a professional Toastmaster will allow you to relax so that you can get totally absorbed in your day and enjoy it to the full.  I will make sure that all of the formalities and procedures work as they should whilst adding a touch of style for you and your guests on the day.


Don't just take my word for it! Many hotels are aware of the extra dimension added by a professional Toastmaster. They assist in the overall running of the event by removing some of the work of already hard-pressed staff. There's a summary to the advantages of hiring a professional Toastmaster below and you can find out more about how it all works and what my duties and responsibilities are HERE.

I undertake an increasing number of weddings in France, most often English couples, or at least one partner is, who wish to marry abroad - and what more romantic place than the home of romance! There's an introductory guide to getting married in France, broadly what is involved, and what you'll need to think about HERE.

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No detail is too small, from our first meeting to
your first dance, I leave nothing to chance.

Always look after the ladies

Always look after the ladies

Busy day ahead

Busy day ahead

Best do a mic check

Best do a mic check

Groom arrived in style!

Groom arrived in style!

Big intro. for her Father

Big intro. for her Father

Most amazing wedding

Most amazing wedding

Great fundraising fun

Great fundraising fun

Let's make some noise

Let's make some noise

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A professional Toastmaster will ensure a well managed day....with the odd bit of fun!

Why use a Toastmaster?

  • The Bride, Groom & Family are free from the anxiety of organising the day enabling them to enjoy the event.

  • The management of the venue is allowed to concentrate on their own tasks, i.e. your reception!

  • Making your running order for the day "work", is the Toastmaster's top priority.

  • You may be absolutely confident that responsibility for detailed co-ordination can be reliably delegated.

  • You will have independent advice and on-going consultancy available on the different facets of the wedding.

  • You may take advantage of my considerable knowledge and deliver a very stylish, tradition driven event.

  • You achieve that extra "touch of class" and style to complement the occasion.

  • Your Toastmaster is your eyes and ears reacting to unexpected and unplanned events as they may occur. 

  • Your event will be conducted with great care, authority and dignity, without an overbearing attitude.

  • You are assured a totally professional service to the standards of the National Association of Toastmasters.


"I promise that professional Toastmaster will genuinely add to

the quality of your day, for both you and your guests."

For more information by return email please contact me HERE.

Peter Sumner . Professional Toastmaster . UK & Europe

Member of the National Association of Toastmasters - Member of the Confrérie Club

Why use a Toastmaster?


Some couples do ponder the question, should we say Grace? My opinion is that if you are in any way uncomfortable, then don't. After all, it's your day, no one else's.

On the other hand, it's always good to remember your guests, many will never be offended by the saying of Grace, indeed some will be disappointed if it is not said.

Often I hear words to the effect, "Well, we don't want to upset anyone". My translation of that is often........we have a multicultural circle of friends and we don't know what to do.

In such circumstances, I deliver the Grace shown here, please know that "Lord" and "Amen" is inoffensive to any religion. I've often delivered a French version too.


Ask anyone who knows me and, hopefully, they will tell you that I'm a well organised, disciplined type of chap. I am an excellent communicator having been trained by and worked for two of the World's greatest businesses, Proctor & Gamble and McDonnell Douglas. I have a good sense of the moment, can react quickly and positively, skills that sometimes are required at even the best organised events, and at 6' 3" tall I can usually see what's going on!

I am fortunate to have received one-on-one training from two of the very best professional Toastmasters in the industry, Howard Robbins and Paul Deacon, past Presidents of the National Association of Toastmasters and doyens of the business. Their attention to detail is legendary, something in turn that they have instilled in me. I am very, very proud to be a part of the National Association of Toastmasters.


I am acutely aware of the trust that you have placed in me and the responsibilities that I shoulder on the day. I also think it's important to say that I get an immense sense of achievement, from the smallest to the very largest of events, in having played a role in ensuring the day went well, or, even better, very well.

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for the


Your big day is approaching. For the inexperienced, especially on the most important of occasions, a speech can seem rather daunting. You want to succeed and, trust me, everyone else wants you to succeed too.

Don't worry, I absolutely can guide you through the process and help you to a perfect speech. I can provide one on one training and practice, a guaranteed way to bring out the best in you on the day. I have huge experience with advice, guidance, tricks and tips to offer.

As someone once said. - a good speech is like a lady's dress, it should be long enough to cover the subject but short enough to maintain interest! 

Call or email me for more details.

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and sometimes it's just in the eyes.

"Some days you're the bug, some days you're the windshield"

Private Johnson Beharry, VC.



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